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 Stop Blaming Others

You may not be aware but it is true that you are responsible for whatever that happens to you.
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Stop Blaming Others

You may not be aware but it is true that you are responsible for whatever that happens to you in your life. You are the author of your life, the creator of your reality, the master of your thoughts and the controller of your actions. Every event and every moment of your reality is created by you, through your own actions and thoughts. You have that spark in you, the spark of divinity, that gives you unlimited ability to mould your life and carve your cherished path.

You accomplish this through the power of your mind, through your ability to think and visualize and your capacity to channel your resources and energies in the required direction. Your actions are the brush strokes that shape the events on the canvass of you life. Your fears and aspirations are the prophecies of your own future. Your thoughts and desires sow the seeds which your actions bring to germination. The Creator has endowed you with the power of creative imagination and the power of controlling your self willed effort. You can use these powers effectively to carve the shape of your things to come.

If you can analyze what is happening in your mind at this moment, you can fairly guess what is going to happen to you in the near future. At this very moment your subconscious is dynamically engaged in preparing you for the future reality. You have already created it through your conscious thoughts and feelings and these are accepted by your subconscious as its commands.

The environment in which you live, the people that come into your life, the problems you encounter as you pass through the portals of life, the successes and failures you experience in your endeavors are not the work of some invisible force or twisted fate but your own consciousness.

If you think negatively, or indulge in negative actions, be assured that you will face negative forces in your life. If you think positively and act positively, you are bound to attract positive forces into your life and enjoy the abundance of happiness, peace and prosperity.

Your mind is the most precious thing that you have. But so long as you do not know how to use it effectively and how to control it and regulate it appropriately, your mind becomes an impediment and you cannot put it to best possible use. Once you understand its potentialities and its way of working and learn how to control it and regulate it, you can expect to achieve stupendous results in your life. It is your mind which transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and brings the impossible into the realm of possibility.

The mind enacts that which you seriously believe in. It acts according to your faith. So if you believe that you are already successful, you are more likely to be successful. If you believe that you are already on your way to achieving a goal, you are more likely to achieve it.

Believe this. The difference between you and God is that God can manifest reality simultaneously in all planes without any effort, where as you and I cannot. In God, consciousness and energy resolve themselves into one perfect and harmonious whole. God is Truth being, one undivided reality, with no dichotomy between His consciousness and energy. No effort is required on His part to precipitate reality. In Him consciousness and reality are one and the same and every thing happens simultaneously.

In our case, our consciousness is different from our energies. Our minds are different from our bodies. There is still a connection between the two, but not a perfect connection. There is some degree of harmony between the two, but not a perfect harmony. The union between the two is not so complete. Our thoughts can be different from our actions. Our plans and ideas may remain mere ideas and empty plans. So, unfortunately, we cannot always implement what we think.

We can manifest reality in a very limited way only. What we create in our minds we may not be able to manifest in the physical plane. To be able to accomplish this, we need faith and corresponding effort. If we fail in our effort, which is the case mostly, because we have limited intelligence and abilities, we also fail in manifesting the desired reality.

However, through faith and belief and by creating adequate harmony between our thoughts and actions, we can overcome this deficiency to a certain extent and increase our chances of manifesting our desired goals. If we act with belief and faith towards the visualized end and if we can sustain our beliefs and faith with perseverance, our chances of manifesting the desired reality increases manifold. If a person wants to be someone in life and is serious about it, he should act like one and believe himself to be one. This way he can increase his chances of success in his actions.

Doubts and despair act as impediments while hope and faith sustain our actions and impel us towards cherished situations. If you truly believe that you are capable of accomplishing a goal, you are very likely to achieve it.

A person is wealthy not because he has riches, but because he has wealth consciousness. His actions are in harmony with it and he is therefore capable of attracting riches through it. A person is healthy and happy not because he has a wonderful physique or looks great, but because his mind is tuned to health consciousness and every act of his is in harmony with it.

If you know this secret, you accept responsibility for everything that happens to you. You will not blame any one or any force for your failures and disappointments. People have the tendency to blame others for the problems in their lives, little realizing that others have no power over them unless they willingly permit themselves to be influenced by others. We have the capacity to guide our lives and control our situations. If we do not exercise this power and allow ourselves to become helpless or lethargic, the blame lies with us but not with any external agent.

So if some thing unpleasant happens, should we blame others for it? Should we criticize any one for making us unhappy or disturbed. Should we place the blame on others for our misfortune? Should we trace our adversity to someone else's unreasonable or inappropriate behavior?

What is the use of blaming your family, your spouse, your father or mother, your brother or sister, your friends or your colleagues, your society or your community for the problems and unpleasantness in your life? What is the use of expecting others to behave according to your expectations and then blaming them for not being so, when you know that they are mere players in the drama of your life and are acting so according to the script you have already written?

Your life is your responsibility. You have the freedom to choose the best of the options you have in any given circumstances, to choose the correct response as well as the right action. You have the power to control your thoughts and your actions and you can mould them in whatever way you want to. Indeed there are certain factors and forces which are clearly out of your control, such as the social, political or the economic conditions. But you have the ability to adjust yourself to these circumstances and act appropriately in any given situation.

So if something goes wrong, instead of blaming others and outside forces, look within yourself and find out what went wrong. Find out which movements and habits of your mind and body caused it. Is it because you made some wrong decisions, invited wrong people into your life, taken inappropriate decisions, failed to strengthen some aspect of your personality, did not put in adequate effort or allowed yourself into some kind of complacency? Using your best wisdom and ability to listen to yourself, find out which weaknesses in your personality are contributing to the problem or the failure and then try to overcome them.

Failure, disappointments and despair are indications that there are some elements in you which are demanding self correction and improvement. If you can identify the cause within yourself, you are likely to put a permanent end to the troubling factor. If you are failing mostly in your actions, you must realize that it is because your thoughts and actions are not in harmony with each other. You must realize that you cannot achieve success if you are in conflict with yourself.

This is the road to success, to overall perfection and improvement, to happiness and prosperity. When you look into yourself for possible causes of your failures and disappointments and stop blaming others, you are likely to make them your allies in the drama of your life.
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Submitted August 22nd, 2008