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 Life, To be Respected

We are faced with a totally ill-balanced world.
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Life - To be Respected

We are faced with a totally ill-balanced world. We see one born into a condition of affluence, endowed with fine mental, moral and physical qualities and another into a condition of abject poverty and wretchedness. What we sow we reap somewhere. In one sense, we are the result of what we were, in another sense, we are not totally the result of what we were. For instance, a criminal today, may be a Saint tomorrow.

To be on the right track to the state of purification and perfection which in turn will gain respect, one has to learn and obey the rules of nature and for Chinese, we are taught the Truth which is unbiased and it is the root to the attainment of enlightenment.

For the heart, we follow this simple way to develop a good heart:

1]Filial and obedient to parents 2]Subjects of the state should be loyal and humble at heart 3]Ready to help the poor and needy 4]Be passionate to those who are in difficulties 5]Do not be greedy or jealous of one's possessions - money, wealth and fame 6]No evil thoughts arising from sensual pleasures 7]Do not be jealous of other's talent 8]Do not blame yourself or hate others for being so much better than you 9]Always be honest and upright and 10]In whatever you do, do it with sincerity.

In talking, we must be very careful and this is the simple guide:

1]Do not boast of your wealth and act arrogantly 2]The highly educated must not underestimate others 3]Speak in low voice with respect to the seniors and elders 4]Polite and chivalrous in front of ladies 5]No one-sided talk on behalf of money 6]Do not blame yourself in poor living 7]Speak the necessary words and keep the excessive by remaining silence 8]Patience is the antidote for curing anger 9]Do not exaggerate or speak the untrue 10]Do not tell lies 11]Do not boast of yourself 12]Do not criticize others 13]Speak the subject matter and not loosely 14]When you speak, speak with trust 15]Be alert of what you are speaking 16]Do not create falsehood 17]Do not indulge yourself in imagination and 18]Do not be stubborn on your point of view.

People who wish to perfect their knowledge must not be self-deceiving. The self-deceptionists regard themselves in the know, when in reality they are not. They have no desire for further progress and so rest calmly in their state of vulgarity, ignorance and inferiority.

Conficius said, "I do not know how a man without truthfulness is to get on. How can a large carriage be made to go without cross-bar for yoking the oxen to, or a small carriage without the arrangement for yoking the horses?"

Our personality is the first impression that people look at us. Be it during job interview, borrowing money from the bank, closing a business deal, in any situation to have respect. For the outlook, we must wear clean attires, not necessarily branded. If we dress carefully we project dignity and respect for others. When we want to meet the king, we must dress up nicely to meet him and speak with respect and manner. Our facial expression must be firm, walking and sitting be straight and upright, think before talking and be calm. Make this be part of you just like when we wake up in the morning we have to brush our teeth, then you are on the way to have good respect from anyone you meet. In return you will have a more peaceful life.

Author: T.A Chew

T.A Chew learned the way to gain respect in the Temple of Tao of Heaven and it should be able to apply to everybody. Anyone following the simple guide of the heart and speech will see oneself be a better person as time passes without knowing. It is a self-development and that's life. Website:


Submitted August 22nd, 2008